What Happens After Quarantine?-A Motivational Message

As of now, we are living in crazy times! There’s a virus that has spread all over the world, no toilet paper, and absolute insanity. This is the thing that we’re going to tell our grandchildren about in 2070, and they probably won’t even believe it happened. There will be movies, history books, museums, hospitals, and streets dedicated to these events and the heroes of this time. Right now the future is hidden in thick, thick fog. Have you even once asked yourself, and really thought about What happens after quarantine? 

To be honest with you, I haven’t given it much thought myself. I’m too focused on all the things I’m missing out on. Graduation, the spring dance, Confirmation, Six Flags field trip, field day, the tug-of-war with the teachers, cheer tryouts,…high school. All of these things seem unreachable as of now, and frankly impossible. When will all of this end? What will happen when it does? 

When you think about it though, 76 years ago, the climax of WWII, people were thinking, Is this war ever going to end? Sure enough, the war officially ended on September 2, 1945. My grandmother was a teenager at the time as I am now. She was still able to live her life, get married, have a family, even after all of that. Does that mean there’s hope for us too?

Of course, there’s hope, and of course, we will move on, recover. It may take a long while, but we’re all in it together right? If we all keep the social distancing rules and wash our hands often, we will only help get rid of the virus sooner. 

We have to be calm. We have to relax. Things will fall into place with faith and many prayers. I am a huge believer in “everything happens for a reason.” Maybe this quarantine thing is really only helping us. During this time we have the chance to catch up with family we haven’t talked to in a while, take more time to clean the house, get caught up with school, finally start that podcast you’ve been meaning to start. 

But no matter how quickly we come out of this, the virus will have long-lasting effects on humans everywhere. We may not need to go to the store for anything because we know how to use Amazon or we may not shake people’s hands as we greet them. But, I have a feeling good things are going to come from this.

It won’t be easy, but we can do it. It is our nature, as humans, to constantly want to improve and push forward, so I have no doubt as to whether we’ll be able to do this or not. We can, we will, and when it happens again, well, it won’t, but if for whatever reason it does, we’ll be ready. 

Come on everyone! We can get through this! It won’t be easy. There will be many more boring days to come. But, when that day comes when we can go to work and school and the movies, then come back to this post and comment, “We did it!” because that will prove to historians and future generations that come across this post that we can do amazing things. 

Oh, and, see you after quarantine! 

2 thoughts on “What Happens After Quarantine?-A Motivational Message”

  1. This was such a reassuring read ☺️ I’m missing out on a ton of important things, like my high school graduation, but you’re making me look at it in a positive light now 🥰 Stay safe!


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