10 Tips for Staying Productive While Working from Home

Hello and welcome everyone to Work It Wednesday, where we will be focusing all on working from home, staying productive, and staying calm when things are stressful. Things are tough for all of us right now, so trust me you’re not alone. I’m no expert when it comes to all of these things, but I thought I’d share with you the things that help me when I’m learning online and things are getting stressful. So, let’s get right into it!

1. Set a Routine

When we have a scheduled time to leave for work or for school, we do everything in our power not to be late. Now that things are different, it is so important that we keep that scheduled time. Now, that doesn’t mean we have to wake up while it’s dark and get in the car so we can pretend to drive there. No! Of course, if that helps you I won’t stop you. Wake up when it’s comfortable for you. Just make sure you are getting to work by a certain time. For example, I have an alarm set for eight every morning (I used to wake up at 6:15) and I make sure I’m “at school” around nine.

2. Take Some Time for You

Make sure to relax a bit in the morning before getting to work. Take care of your skin, take a shower, get dressed, make yourself a good breakfast. Do something that relaxes you so you’re not worried about the day ahead of you.

3. Avoid Stressful Environments

Try to avoid any situations that might make you anxious. For example, maybe stay off social media or refrain from reading the news until the afternoon so that you’re fully awake and not subject to a meltdown right before getting to work because then, you will definitely not want to get stuff done.

4. Let in Some Light

Start your morning off right by opening as many curtains and blinds as you can. Natural light definitely keeps my environment more positive and relaxing. 

5. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated and drinking water is so important, especially in the morning. It helps you to wake up and feel prepared for the day. And as a little added bonus, it even helps to clear your skin up of any dark spots or blemishes. I know this sounds strange, but when you’re drinking water it helps to use a refillable water bottle with a straw. It’s not always easy to drink water. Having a straw helps me to kind of drink it without even realizing I’m drinking it. I can take it with me all over the house and just sip it while I’m working. Because of this, I’ve drank five bottles of water in one day!

Listen to Music

Most of you have probably tried this at some point, and many of you may have found it distracting and anti productive. However, this can be extremely successful if you know what to listen to. First of all, listen to music that has a positive tune to it. Second of all, listen to music that doesn’t have any lyrics. I listen to the playlist Instrumental Study on Spotify. It slows my mind down just enough so that I can focus on what I’m doing without my mind racing off without me.

7. Work In a Productive Environment

When we’re working at home, the perfect place to work is in the comfort of your bed…NOT! When you think of your bed, you think of sleeping and relaxing. If you bring your work to your bed, not only will you be too tired to get anything done, you might not be able to get to sleep tonight because you will have brought the stressful environment of work to your tranquil sleeping place. I suggest working at a desk or not even in your bedroom at all. 

8. Take Breaks

Working non stop all day is not a good idea. It will both physically and mentally exhaust you, even if you haven’t been moving all day. You could also suffer from cramps and sore muscles if you stay in the same place all day long. Take a few breaks throughout your day to stretch, get a healthy snack, or maybe read a book for 15 minutes. Set an alarm and just forget about your work until the alarm goes off. This way you’re looking forward to powering through your tasks to get to those rewarding breaks. In case any of you were wondering, some of my favorite quick snacks for the middle of the day are pistachios, a Fiber One Chocolate Chip Cookie brownie, Kind chocolate granola, some fruit, or even just a warmed flour tortilla. All of these are healthy, quick to eat, and absolutely delicious. 

9. Posture

The way you’re sitting can greatly affect your level of productivity. Make sure that your shoulders are back, your back is straight, and your legs are directly under you. I have a bad habit of crossing my legs under me while I work, and after a while it starts to catch up to me. If you get neck cramps a lot while working on the computer, you might want to consider getting a laptop or computer stand. It’s weird at first, especially the laptop stand, but what it does is level the computer with your eyes, positioning the neck where it’s comfortable and non-neck-cramping. 

10. Motivation

Motivation is key to being successful in your workday. Write sticky notes to yourself or ask loved ones to do so with positive affirmations on them, and stick them in places that you’ll see throughout the day. Something I’ve done is change all of my wallpapers on my phone and computer to an image with a positive quote or saying on it. Visit my Pinterest board labelled Motivation to find some of the images I’ve used, so you can also use them yourself. 

Thank you so much for making it all the way down here! If you think I missed any or you want to make any suggestions please feel free to comment below. I appreciate all your love and support. See you all tomorrow for Thoughtful Thursday! Au revoir!

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