Quarantine Bucket List

So, who else has been bored out of their minds the past few weeks?! Well, you most certainly are NOT alone. No one ever said that quarantine was going to be easy. It’s long, boring, lonely, and just not fun. Whether you’re off of work, school, vacation, or just regular weekend boredom when you don’t want to get your chores done, there will be something on this list you may find interesting.

What is this list you’re talking about?

First of all, before we start, let me tell you a quick little story. So, this list is a, well, a list with things to do at home during self-isolation. It has things that I’ve wanted to do, things I don’t really want to do but they’re there, and things that could make a person famous. I don’t really mean famous famous, I mean TikTok famous. I originally wrote this list quickly and sloppily just so I’d have something to do the next day. Then, I had a great idea! I was going to make a video of everything I do on that list and post it on TikTok. This is the original list:

things to do in quarantine

And here is the new and improved list:

Things to do in quarantine

-My favorite part of the list is the bucket doodle!-

Some of these things I’ll probably end up not doing, but they’re there just in case. For example, learning to thread my own eyebrows might not go so well, and I’d really like to keep both of my eyebrows. So, I may or may not do that one. I just had seen other people do their own and thought I might give it a try. VERY carefully!We’ll see. 

This was just something fun to do during self-isolation, and so far it’s worked out pretty well. I’ve had a few new followers on TikTok, and I hope that will eventually get me more. Who knows, with the internet, I only takes one post to change everything. So, go follow me on TikTok @hope.springs.journal. Trust me, it’s very interesting. 

Hope Springs Journal

Thank you all for your love and support. Come back tomorrow for some tips for working or learning at home. 

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Bucket List”

    1. TikTok is actually very user friendly, it’s easy to set up, and they have a program you can run ads on for your business. If you’re good at using your phone for taking videos than I say go for it!


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