How to Create Your Very Own Custom Cupcake Carrier for Half the Price

In my post about how to master holiday baking, I needed a cupcake holder. Regular cupcake holders are ridiculously overpriced and were too short for one of my cupcakes, so I opted to go the DIY route. My mom came up with this idea and made them herself, so I give full credit to her.

All you will need for this easy DIY is:

  • clothes gift box
  • poster board
  • X-Acto knife
  • pencil (or something erasable to write with)

Step One:

Take the gift box and set aside any lids that might have come with is because you will not need them.

Cut out a piece of the poster board to fit the box, with an extra couple inches on all sides as this will be what makes them a certain height.

Score and fold the edges to your desired height, cutting the corner up to the top so it will fold all around, and test it to make sure it fits in the box.

Step 2:

Draw your desired amount of circles inside the fold of the poster board with either a compass or circular object for a template.

Fit this inside the gift box and make any necessary adjustments. If you want to have a lid on it, feel free to use the one you have set aside. I did not do this because one of my cupcakes was too tall.

This was very helpful to me because we were able to transport the cupcakes without them falling over and messing up the decorations, wasting all my hard work.

Here are the dimensions I used for this DIY:

Hopefully this helps. Like I said, this is a very quick and easy DIY, plus it only cost about $5! If you liked this post and thought it was helpful, I’d love to hear about it. Comment below and suggest post ideas, critique my content, or contact me for personal requests. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for exclusives and updates. Don’t forget to recommend Hope Springs Journal to a friend or business. Follow me for more DIY’s and baking tutorials like this. Thank you and see you next time!

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