A Quick Guide to Holiday Baking

Need some help getting your holiday bake on? Well you’ve come to the right place.

I love baking. This year, instead of Christmas cards, I thought I’d bake some cupcakes and hand them out to family and friends. Here’s how I did it.

Step 1:

Start by making a list of the people you want to give them out to. Then write the number of cupcakes you are going to give to each person(s) next to their name. The last part of this step would be to add up the numbers to find the total amount of cupcakes needed. In my case, I needed to bake 54 cupcakes.

Step 2:

The next thing you need to do is make an outline for your cupcakes. This needs to include recipe, decoration, how many batches you’ll need to make, and shopping list. You should also do some research to get some inspiration. All of my decorations are ideas from Pinterest, which I will link later.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money. You can make very delicious, beautiful cupcake for a very little amount of money. Of course, this depends on the supplies you already have, and how much you’ll need. I was able to buy all of my supplies from Walmart and Dollar Tree.

Step 3:

Once you’ve picked out your recipe, you can get to work baking. The recipe I used was a Cocoa Fudge cake from the Betty Crocker cookbook.

It took me about 3 hours to bake all of them, but the recipe ended up making 65 cupcakes and I was able to give the extras to some last minute families that really enjoyed them.

Note, I did not decorate and bake them on the same day. Make sure to clear your schedule so that you’re not rushing to do other things. Trust me, it’ll make a big difference in the quality of your cupcake no matter how many times you’ve done this.

Step 4:

Now for the fun part. Decorating!!

To decorate all 65 cupcakes, it took me about 3 hours. Make sure you have the time because it’s best that you can deliver as many as possible the same day.

The Results

Winter Wonderland

I decided to call this cupcake my Winter Wonderland theme because of the blizzard-like décor. I piped a swirl of white and light blue buttercream using tip 30. Then I sprinkled blue followed by white decorating sugar.

This decoration was inspired by this pin:

Happy Tree

This cupcake is called Happy Tree. My mom came up with this name in honor of Bob Ross. I piped white buttercream with tip 12. Then I spread a coat of green buttercream on a sugar ice cream cone. I placed the cone on the cupcake and started piping little spikes as leaves using tip 30. The finishing touch was sprinkling icing sugar on the tree for a snow effect.

This decoration was inspired by this pin:


I named this cupcake in honor of hot chocolate on a cold winter night. I used the same buttercream as all the other cupcakes, but I added cocoa powder for that chocolatey flavor. First, I piped the chocolate buttercream on using tip 47. Then I topped it with a few mini marshmallows. Finally, I put a shortened gold paper straw into the cupcake.

This decoration was inspired by this pin:

All of the finished cupcakes ready to be delivered

And voilà! You made it through holiday baking boot camp. Now you are ready to pack them up and go. But we’ve forgotten one very important thing. A cupcake holder! Now, the trees are too tall for the regular boxed, and they’re ridiculously overpriced. So, we made our own. Check them out!

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